Karnes City Family Seeks Justice for Slain Mini Potbelly Pig

Heartbreaking Case of Animal Cruelty in Karnes City Sparks Outrage on Social Media

KARNES CITY, Texas – A distressing incident of animal cruelty has taken social media by storm, leaving many individuals outraged and calling for justice. The heart-wrenching story revolves around a pet pig named Tank, whose life was tragically cut short when he was found slaughtered and abandoned on the side of a city road in Karnes City. Tank, a beloved 2-and-a-half-year-old mini potbelly pig, had become a familiar face in the neighborhood, often seen roaming around freely. His playful nature and friendly demeanor had endeared him to the community, making him a popular resident of Karnes City.

Tank’s owner, Mike Rosales, described him as a spirited and joyful pig, always radiating happiness. Tank shared a special bond with Rosales’ two dogs, considering himself part of their pack. Rosales fondly reminisced, “He thought he was a dog. He’s been everywhere with us. He’s gone on trips with us, he’s gone camping, he’s gone fishing. He’s actually been to a football game, a Houston Texans football game.”

Rosales, a former Marine and dog trainer, had always dreamt of having a pet pig. Two and a half years ago, he found the perfect companion in Tank, a mini potbelly pig he acquired in San Antonio. The name “Tank” was chosen due to his small, stout stature. Tank’s protective nature towards Rosales’ daughter made him an inseparable friend and guardian.

The tragic events unfolded when Tank managed to escape from the yard on January 10th. The following day, a neighbor, Hope Cardona-Gutierrez, captured a suspicious truck on her security camera, just 100 feet away from her home. Gutierrez’s husband witnessed the heart-wrenching act of cruelty, exclaiming, “Somebody just drove up there and dumped something.” Gutierrez immediately recognized the lifeless body as Tank, a fact confirmed by Rosales himself. The distinctive marks on Tank’s ears, caused by playful bites from Rosales’ dogs, left no doubt in his mind. The brutal display of Tank’s carcass, with his head placed on top, further confirmed Tank’s identity.

Despite weighing no more than 20 pounds and being the size of an English Bulldog, Tank’s gentle nature indicated he was a domesticated pet, not a feral hog or javelina. Gutierrez sorrowfully remarked, “He probably went right up to his murderer not knowing what was going to happen to him.”

Driven by a desire for justice and accountability, Rosales embarked on a two-day search to locate the truck responsible for the heinous act. Eventually, he found the vehicle near his home and confronted the owner. Shockingly, one of the individuals fined for dumping the carcass admitted to using the meat for consumption and revealed that they were given the meat to dispose of the carcass.

In response to the tragic loss of Tank, the Rosales family erected a memorial in their backyard. A Facebook page titled “Justice for Tank the Pig” has garnered a significant following, uniting hundreds of supporters who share the family’s mission to find the perpetrator. Rosales hopes that sharing his story will disrupt a pattern of impunity and inspire the community to take a stand against such acts of cruelty. As a member of the Karnes City ISD school board, he emphasized the importance of setting an example for his daughters and encouraging others to speak up against animal cruelty.

However, the Karnes City Police Chief has informed KENS 5 that, despite identifying the individual responsible for dumping the carcass, there is currently insufficient evidence to prove who actually killed the pig. Police require concrete evidence before considering animal cruelty charges. Any information regarding this case should be reported to the Karnes City Police Department at (830) 780-2300.

This heartrending incident has triggered an outpouring of support on social media, as individuals demand justice for Tank and seek to raise awareness about the importance of combatting animal cruelty in our communities.

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