Jupiter Veterans Day ceremony pays tribute to fallen service members

Jupiter, Florida – In a bid to commemorate Veterans Day, the Town of Jupiter recently held its annual Veterans Day Ceremony. The event, which took place on Saturday, included the reading of names that were honored through the Town’s Veterans Memorial Legacy Brick Program. Launched in 2020, this program allows members of the community to purchase a brick in honor of a family member or loved one who has served in the United States Armed Forces.

During the ceremony, Navy Command Master Chief Richard “Dwight” Hanners, a guest speaker, emphasized the profound personal cost that comes with serving one’s country. He stated, “In service to one’s country, personal cost takes on an entirely different meaning, one that can’t be described with a dollar bill.” His words resonated with the attendees, reminding them of the sacrifices made by veterans.

Among the bricks that were honored, one paid tribute to Nate Davenport, a heroic Jupiter father of four who tragically lost his life while saving his children from an electrocution incident at Harbourside Place. Jupiter Mayor Jim Kuretski highlighted the significance of honoring those who are no longer with us and stressed that their sacrifices can never be fully repaid. He stated, “You can’t even begin, no you can’t begin, but we’re at least expanding how we recognize it.”

Scott Friesman and his family were present at the ceremony and participated in the Brick Legacy program. The Friesmans purchased a brick in honor of Scott’s late father, Dr. Richard Friesman, a U.S. Navy veteran who passed away in January. Scott Friesman’s niece, Casey, expressed that this act was a way to honor her uncle and to recognize his contributions to the country. She said, “For the grandchildren, he got a brick for us over at the Jupiter lighthouse. So this was just one of those wacky symbols to say hey, here’s a brick for you too.”

The Veterans Memorial Legacy Brick Program serves as a meaningful way for the community to express gratitude and remember the sacrifices made by veterans. To learn more about this program and how you can participate, visit the Town of Jupiter’s official website.

The ceremony in Jupiter served as a poignant reminder of the freedoms that we often take for granted. It highlighted the importance of honoring and remembering the brave individuals who have given their lives to protect these freedoms. As we go about our daily lives, whether it be meeting friends for dinner, taking our kids to the park, or simply enjoying the comfort of our own homes, let us not forget the sacrifices made by veterans and the immeasurable value of the freedoms we enjoy.

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