Israeli Tourists Killed in Egypt, US Embassy Issues Security Alert for American Travelers

An Egyptian policeman has opened fire on Israeli tourists in the city of Alexandria, resulting in the deaths of at least two Israelis and one Egyptian, according to authorities from both countries. The incident occurred at the renowned Pompey’s Pillar site. The Interior Ministry of Egypt confirmed the attack and stated that another person was injured, providing no further details.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry has identified the wounded individual as an Israeli national who sustained moderate injuries. They have assured that efforts are underway in collaboration with the Egyptian government to safely bring back the affected Israelis to their homeland. Meanwhile, the suspected assailant has been apprehended, as reported by Extra News television channel, which maintains close ties with Egyptian security agencies. Media outlets have disclosed that the deceased Egyptian was a tour guide.

Immediately after the attack, security forces swiftly established a cordon around the site. Disturbing footage circulated on social media platforms, depicting two lifeless bodies on the ground while another person received assistance from a group of men. Amidst the chaos, a distressed woman could be heard urgently calling for an ambulance.

The incident has sparked a range of reactions from social media users. While some individuals praised the attack in Alexandria, others strongly condemned the targeting of innocent civilians visiting Egypt. In response to the incident, Ibrahim Issa, a well-known Egyptian writer and TV host, took to social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter), denouncing the attack as a “terrorist crime.” He further emphasized that any attempt to justify such an act is not only a crime against humanity but also a crime against the nation.

Amr Magdi, a researcher associated with Human Rights Watch, has also expressed condemnation for the attack. Taking to the same platform, he asserted that there is absolutely no justification for deliberately targeting Israeli civilians in Egypt, Gaza, or anywhere else.

In light of the attack and its potential connection to the ongoing clashes between Israel and Palestinian militants, the U.S. embassy in Cairo issued a message to Americans in Egypt, urging them to exercise caution and take necessary precautions. Egypt, being the first Arab country to establish peace with Israel in the 1970s and having a history of mediating in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, experiences a heightened level of anti-Israeli sentiment, particularly during periods of Israeli-Palestinian violence.

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