Increasing number of flu and Covid-19 patients in the Dallas, Fort Worth area results with cold medicine shortage

Dallas, Texas – Omicron wave continues its surge in the North Texas area still infecting a lot of local residents in the last couple of days.

The Covid-19 infection rates are still pretty high and are happening in a period when there is increasing number of flu patients.

While hospitals once again feel the pressure of the pandemic, staffing shortage slowly becomes alarming issue. But those with mild symptoms face yet another shortage – cold medicine shortage.

Majority of the Omicron cases will only experience mild symptoms and they are advised to only boost their immunity with vitamins and cold medicine, but cold medicine shelves in some parts of Dallas and Fort Worth area are empty or simply running with low supply.

The current cold medicine shortage was described as “the new toilet paper shortage” by pharmacist in East Dallas recently, and he is right.

Reportedly, cold medicine and cough syrup are in very short supply. The problem was reported by numerous pharmacies and groceries stores and the main reason leading to this is the recent Omicron wave combined with the flu season.

Understandably, the most frequent buyers are Covid-19 positive cases and those who have flu-like symptoms, but there is increasing number of people who are simply buying these products just for stocking up.

Cold and flu medications were completely gone in Walmart location in Northeast Dallas and those who visited the pharmacy in an effort to buy some of these products were simply turned down.

“I’m not surprised that the shelves may be thin,” said shopper Steve Corder.

“Health and wellness is at the center of our thoughts like never ever before,” said shopper Lee Ann Longinotti. “And I think that when things are out of our control and in a pandemic, we want to be as prepared as possible.”

A Kroger store on Mockingbird had some cold and flu medications, but they were running with thin shelves and with limited options. For some people, the current situation is a little bit scary.

Although the demand for cold and flu medicine was expected to rise with the rising number of Covid-19 cases combined with the flu season, experts believe one thing that should be done is stop buying these medications for stocking up. That way, the supply should be enough for those who really need it immediately. contributed to this report.

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