Hutto’s Inaugural CROWN Act Festival Marks Victorious Hair Discrimination Ban

HUTTO, Texas – The CROWN Act, a groundbreaking law aimed at eradicating discrimination based on hairstyle, is among the plethora of new legislation that came into effect on Friday. The law, signed by Governor Abbott in May, finally provides individuals the freedom to express themselves without the fear of workplace discrimination, hindered career advancement due to their natural hair, or obstacles preventing them from participating in well-deserved graduation ceremonies. April Phillips, the visionary founder of Frofessionals, exclaims, “We don’t have to worry about that no more.”

The CROWN Act, an acronym for Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural hair, holds immense significance in the fight against hair-based prejudice. Employers, labor unions, and employment agencies are now prohibited from engaging in discriminatory practices based on hair texture or protective hairstyles associated with a particular race. Phillips further emphasizes, “Whatever you want to do with your hair is your business.” She notes that her personal journey led her to shift from using relaxers to embracing her natural hair, a decision she thoroughly enjoys.

Motivated by her own experiences and to honor and celebrate natural hair, food, and culture, Phillips passionately curated the inaugural CROWN Act Festival in Hutto. The event champions diversity and inclusivity, gathering like-minded individuals who adore various hairstyles such as twists and locs. The festival successfully sheds light on the beauty and individuality of natural hair.

Jonjerry Jeromes, the proprietor of Chedo J Hair Care and an ardent supporter of the CROWN Act, avows the importance of embracing one’s natural hair. He emphasizes that the law grants individuals the freedom to showcase their hair without the need for wigs or fear of societal judgment. In his eloquent words, he declares, “Our natural hair is our natural crown, like asking me to cover up my God-given crown.”

Jonjerry Jeromes, alongside a plethora of vendors catering to natural hair care, enthusiastically participates in this transformative event. The festival not only acknowledges the significance of the CROWN Act in reinforcing self-identity, but it also paves the way for a more inclusive future, where individuals can thrive with pride from head to toe.

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