House fire almost fatal for a couple and their dog in North Dallas Sunday night, escaped last minute

Dallas, TX – Sunday night house fire in North Dallas ended up to be almost fatal for a couple and their dog who managed to escape their home last minute.

According to the fire department officials, the house fire happened on Ashton Court, which is near Hillcrest Road and the LBJ Freeway. Fire crews were dispatched at the scene around 11:35 p.m.

The house fire happened while the North Texas area was under heavy storms.

The couple who escaped the building said to the fire crews that the power was out at the time and the owner saw a flash of light, perhaps from an arc in the power lines.

Just shortly after, they were able to smell the smoke and the smoke detectors went off.

The fire and the flames got very intense until the fire crews reached to the scene. According to them, at one point they had to back up from the building fearing that the budling will collapse. Luckily, they were able to put the fire under control after two hours.

The couple managed to escape the house uninjured. No other injuries were reported.

The incident is under investigation. We will update the case once more details are available. contributed to this report.

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