Here’s a look inside Casa Bonita ahead of its highly anticipated reopening

Casa Bonita, an iconic Mexican restaurant located in Lakewood, Colorado, is preparing to reopen after being closed for over three years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The eatery has undergone extensive renovations, costing over $12 million, that has breathed new life into the establishment. The restaurant’s grand reopening is slated for May, with the specific date yet to be released.

The restaurant found its saviors in the form of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creative minds behind the hit show, “South Park.” The duo invested $3.1 million to acquire the restaurant and subsequently funded the renovations. Visitors will notice several improvements from the entrance itself, wherein twin cashier stations have been replaced with a large hall that houses eight ticketing counters.

Although Casa Bonita still adheres to the traditional cafeteria-style serving system, significant enhancements have been implemented. One notable addition is the windowed area where diners can observe their food being freshly prepared, including the delectable tortillas, which are made from scratch. Moreover, a well-equipped kitchen resonates with the staff’s bustle carefully attending to Chef Rodriguez’s culinary designs.

Casa Bonita’s core aesthetic appeal remains unchanged, but several enhancements amplify its overall ambience. The establishment now complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act, featuring accessible railings and elevators. The revamped menu now brims with culinary delights like enchiladas, carnitas, chicken adobo, picadillo, calabacitas, camarones, their signature mole, and a delicious taco salad. The scent of chlorine and sewage that once haunted the restaurant has been successfully eliminated.

With conspicuous billboards on West Colfax Avenue in Denver and an updated Facebook profile, Casa Bonita recently signaled its grand return, discreetly removing the May reopening sticker that further fueled suspense around its highly anticipated reopening. Employees have been spotted frequenting the restaurant, undoubtedly ensuring flawless final preparations.

Casa Bonita’s reopening is a welcome development that signals a return to normalcy for the inhabitants of Lakewood. The restaurant’s comprehensive refurbishment, coupled with its rich cultural heritage, reflects the determination of the community to rise above the adversities of the pandemic.

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