Grieving Kingsland family seeks justice for loved one’s unsolved murder

A year after a tragic hit-and-run incident, a Kingsland family is desperately seeking help from the public to identify the driver who fatally struck their loved one with a semi-truck. The heart-wrenching plea stems from the emotional toll endured by Ian Lewis’ grieving family, who find themselves caught in a perpetual state of uncertainty.

Abbey Burton, Ian Lewis’ sister, expressed the anguish of constantly wondering whether any passing semi-truck was the one responsible for her brother’s untimely demise. She articulated the frustration of being trapped in an inexorable cycle of guesswork and desperately seeking closure. “It’s not right to have to constantly guess and feel like you’re stuck in a loop with no way out,” said Burton, her voice filled with anguish and sorrow.

The 24-year-old victim, Ian Lewis, had been employed as a cashier at Buddie’s, a popular gas station food shop and convenience store located in Kingsland. Remembered for his jovial nature and infectious sense of humor, Lewis was cherished by his family and friends. “He was definitely a goofball,” affectionately recounted Jamie Crawford, Ian Lewis’ mother, emphasizing his endearing personality.

Ian Lewis’ girlfriend, Michelle Jackson, also fondly remembered him for his vibrant personality. On August 27, 2022, tragedy struck as Lewis, Jackson, and her daughter were returning home from a concert in Austin. As they were merging onto I-35, their vehicle was rear-ended. Amidst the chaos of attempting to exchange insurance information, a heart-wrenching collision occurred. A semi-truck careened into their vehicle, causing a devastating impact that ultimately claimed Ian Lewis’ life. The haunting image of that fateful moment continues to etch itself into Jackson’s memory. “It’s an image that’ll never go away,” she sorrowfully shared.

Regrettably, the driver of the semi-truck did not stop at the scene, leaving a grieving family submerged in inconsolable grief. The enormity of their loss is further magnified by the driver’s inexplicable indifference towards their actions. Jamie Crawford expressed bewilderment, questioning how the perpetrator could carry on with their lives, fully aware of the devastation they had caused. The lack of remorse deeply troubles her, as she candidly admitted, “I just… It makes me angry because if I did something like that, I can’t live with myself.”

One disheartening year has elapsed since the day Ian Lewis tragically lost his life, yet his family remains burdened by the absence of answers. The anguish endured by the family has only been exacerbated by the lack of closure surrounding Lewis’ untimely demise. Jamie Crawford fervently clings to the hope that the responsible individual will choose the path of righteousness and come forward to reveal the truth. “I can’t lose hope that this person who is going to say, hey, this is what I did, I need to turn myself in, I need to make this right. I can’t lose hope of that,” Crawford despairingly shared.

Yearning for justice, the family implores anyone with viable information to come forward and aid the Austin Police Department in their investigation. Each passing day without answers amplifies the family’s torment, as they feel like prisoners trapped in an unending nightmare. Abbey Burton articulated the anguish of being stuck in a limbo, while the world around them continues to move forward. She poignantly expressed the weight of their suffering, exclaiming, “Not having answers is one of the hardest parts about it because you feel stuck, and everybody just keeps walking on their life, and it just makes you want to scream. It’s not fair.”

Michelle Jackson, left grappling with the harsh reality of her loss, pleaded with the unidentified driver to take responsibility for their actions. The driver’s recklessness resulted in robbing a child of their father, a loss that can never be rectified. Directing her plea to the remorseful individual, Jackson fervently declared, “You took somebody’s family member. You took the father from his child. That’s not fair. You need to come forward.”

The Lewis family clings to the hope that their plea will be answered, finally allowing them to find solace and closure amidst the unbearable pain of their loss. As they grapple with grief and search for answers, their collective voice resonates throughout the community, urging individuals to come forward and assist in the pursuit of justice.

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