Greg Abbott to Utilize $19M Fundraising Haul in 2023 to Counter Anti-Voucher Republicans

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has set a new fundraising record by raising an impressive $19 million in the last six months. This substantial amount of money will be used to support his campaign to remove anti-school voucher Texas House Republicans during the upcoming primary season. The announcement of Abbott’s fundraising success was made by his campaign on Wednesday, along with the revelation that he currently has $38 million in cash across two political accounts.

In a statement, Abbott’s campaign manager, Kim Snyder, expressed confidence in the governor’s ability to back conservative candidates who share his vision for Texas. This includes expanding school choice for all families and students in the state. With the primary elections approaching, Abbott’s substantial financial resources will undoubtedly play a significant role in supporting candidates aligned with his bold agenda.

The $19 million raised by Abbott is an unprecedented amount for the July-to-December period following a regular legislative session after a gubernatorial election. Abbott’s main political committee, Texans for Greg Abbott, received $13 million in contributions, while an additional $6 million was raised in a lesser-used account.

Initially, the news release from Abbott’s campaign only provided the cash-on-hand figure for the lesser-used account. However, Abbott’s spokesperson, Renae Eze, later clarified that the account received $6 million in new funds over the six-month period.

Abbott’s focus on education has been a central aspect of his tenure as governor. In 2023, he dedicated significant efforts to pass a program that would allow parents to use taxpayer dollars to assist in paying for private-school costs. This led to four special sessions and a heated battle in November, when 21 House Republicans joined forces with Democrats to remove the school voucher program from an education bill.

Abbott made it clear that he would actively support primary challengers against any Republican who obstructed his education agenda. As a result, he has endorsed challengers for seven of the 21 House Republicans seeking reelection.

Abbott and other state politicians have until Tuesday to disclose their full campaign finances for the second half of 2023 to the Texas Ethics Commission. The disclosure will provide further insight into the financial landscape of Texas politics.

The Texas Tribune, a nonprofit and nonpartisan media organization, was the first to report on Abbott’s record-breaking fundraising. The organization is dedicated to informing and engaging Texans on public policy, politics, government, and statewide issues.

In conclusion, Governor Greg Abbott’s impressive fundraising achievement of $19 million in the last six months will undoubtedly strengthen his campaign to remove anti-school voucher Texas House Republicans. With $38 million in cash across two political accounts, Abbott is well-positioned to support conservative candidates who align with his vision for Texas. This fundraising success marks a new record for Abbott and demonstrates his continued commitment to education reform. As the Tuesday deadline approaches for full campaign finance disclosure, further insights into the financial landscape of Texas politics will be revealed.

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