‘Great Day SA’ Co-Host Clarke Finney Grateful for Support Amid Brain Injury Recovery

Clarke Finney, the co-host of KENS 5’s “Great Day SA,” has recently made her first public statement on social media after facing a medical emergency in October. The television personality has been absent from the airwaves since then, as she suffered a hypoxic brain injury, a severe condition resulting from a reduced oxygen supply to the brain. Since her injury, Finney has been under hospital care and undergoing a recovery process, which has kept her away from her hosting duties on “Great Day SA.”

Expressing her longing to return to her role, Finney conveyed her heartfelt message through her social media post. She expressed her deep affection for her community, emphasizing her eagerness to reunite with her audience once she fully recovers. Finney also shared how much being a journalist means to her, highlighting the importance of her profession and her dedication to serving her community.

In addition to her desire to get back on television, Finney expressed her gratitude to all those who have supported her during this difficult time. She specifically thanked the exceptional medical team and therapists who have provided her with outstanding care. Finney acknowledged the prayers and well wishes she has received from her fans, assuring them that their support has been greatly appreciated.

In her social media post, Finney detailed her medical journey, stating that she is currently re-learning everything due to the brain injury. However, she made it clear that her love for her viewers remains unwavering. She concluded her message with a powerful statement, reiterating her commitment to return to her passion once she fully recovers and emphasizing that her journey starts with loving her audience.

While Finney’s absence has left a void on “Great Day SA,” her recent social media post has provided hope and reassurance to her fans and colleagues. As she continues her recovery, the television personality remains determined to overcome the challenges she faces, with the ultimate goal of resuming her role as a dedicated journalist and serving her beloved community once again.

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