Grand Jury Finds No Fault in Fatal Shooting of Former San Marcos Cop by Officers

A recent Hays County Grand Jury review involving a shooting incident on December 25, 2022, in San Marcos, Texas, has concluded that the actions taken by the responding San Marcos police officers were justified and that no indictment is merited. The shooting incident resulted in the death of 36-year-old Kyle Lobo, a former San Marcos police officer who had been charged in October 2022 with assault family violence and injury to a child.

On the day in question, San Marcos police officers were dispatched to an apartment complex on Barnes Drive, where a disturbance involving Lobo was reported. Responding officers were informed that Lobo was under the influence of alcohol and armed with a handgun. Upon arriving at the scene, officers encountered Lobo in an outdoor breezeway and observed the firearm on his waist. Lobo later retreated upstairs inside the apartment building, still carrying his daughter.

Several officers followed Lobo, requesting that he surrender the weapon. However, Lobo refused to comply with their requests. He handed his daughter to someone living in the apartment where the disturbance had occurred and then drew his weapon, confronting the officers. Two San Marcos police officers opened fire, resulting in Lobo’s death. The Texas Rangers conducted a subsequent investigation into the shooting.

The grand jury, which consisted of twelve impartial citizens from Hays County, reviewed all evidence regarding the shooting incident and the events which led up to it. Following their inquiry, they determined that the responding police officers’ actions had been justified, and thus, no criminal offense had taken place. The Hays County Criminal District Attorney’s office presented the results of the investigation, and the grand jury voted not to indict the police officers involved, thereby ending the matter.

This ruling by the grand jury affirms the independent nature of its deliberations as they fulfilled their role as the community’s voice. The grand jury’s role in this case demonstrates the importance of impartial hearings in our society, particularly as they relate to high-profile matters. The case has garnered substantial public scrutiny, and given the grand jury’s determination, we can assert that the process carried out in Hays County was fair and unbiased. The investigation’s conclusions upholding the police officer’s actions are therefore seen as justified based on evidence and judicial review. The case is now deemed closed.

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