Governor Abbott to convene with 14 governors at border on Sunday

Governor Greg Abbott, along with 14 other governors, is set to make a stop in Eagle Pass, Texas on Sunday. This visit comes at a time when a convoy, identifying itself as “God’s Army,” recently arrived in the area. The group made their way to Eagle Pass on Friday, sparking curiosity and concern among the local community.

On Saturday, the convoy’s presence was acknowledged as they attended a rally advocating for increased border security. Attendees of the rally included faith leaders who shared their thoughts on the governor’s visit. Some faith leaders expressed their opposition to Governor Abbott’s presence in Eagle Pass, citing concerns about potential violence and chaos at the border.

The rally, organized by the Texas Independence Project, aimed to raise awareness about the ongoing issues at the border. Kimberly Moyers, one of the organizers, emphasized the impact of drug trafficking and its detrimental effect on the community. The event drew a significant crowd, with hundreds of people gathering in Quemado, located about 20 miles north of Eagle Pass.

Despite concerns about potential violence, law enforcement from various agencies ensured that the rally remained peaceful. Tony Brock, an attendee, acknowledged the presence of a few individuals expressing their opinions through signs, but emphasized the importance of peaceful assembly and freedom of speech.

Governor Greg Abbott’s visit to Eagle Pass on Sunday will take place at Shelby Park, where he will convene with the 14 Republican governors. The primary focus of their meeting will be a briefing on Operation Lone Star, followed by discussions on President Biden’s border policy.

Meanwhile, faith leaders in Eagle Pass held an emergency meeting on Saturday to address the rally and the potential threats posed by the situation at the border. They expressed their concerns regarding the violence and chaos and called on Governor Abbott to reconsider his plans to visit Eagle Pass. Jessie Fuentes, a member of the Eagle Pass Border Coalition, earnestly appealed to the governor to understand the gravity of the situation and refrain from visiting their community.

Governor Abbott is scheduled to hold a press conference at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, where he is expected to address the current state of affairs at the border. KENS 5, a local news outlet, will have a dedicated crew at the event, providing comprehensive coverage throughout the day and evening.

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