Gov. DeSantis Sets Sights on South Carolina, Aims to Undermine Nikki Haley

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is facing the possibility of a disappointing outcome in the New Hampshire presidential primary on Tuesday. According to recent polls, DeSantis is not projected to break single digits, while Nikki Haley and Donald Trump are locked in a battle for the top spot.

In a strategic move, DeSantis has chosen to redirect his efforts and spend the crucial 48 hours leading up to the primary in South Carolina instead. This weekend will be dedicated to making an impression on Republican voters in the Palmetto State, although DeSantis may return to New England early next week.

DeSantis stated, “We’re going to do a series of [New Hampshire] events on Friday—and obviously be back through the primary day.” However, as of Friday afternoon, his campaign had yet to confirm a schedule for Monday and Tuesday or announce a primary watch party.

Meanwhile, senior officials have informed us that a majority of DeSantis’ team has already started relocating to South Carolina, where they hope to deliver a significant blow to Haley in her own backyard. Andrew Romeo, the DeSantis campaign communications director, expressed their determination to remain in the race for the long haul, firmly believing that DeSantis is the best candidate with the right message.

Analyzing the numbers, it appears unlikely that DeSantis will be able to make significant changes in New Hampshire given the limited time remaining. Recent post-Iowa polls indicate his support at around 6%, while both Trump (50%) and Haley (36%) have secured solid double-digit figures. With South Carolina’s primary still about a month away, it seems to be his best opportunity to turn the tide.

Dr. Susan MacManus, a politics expert and former professor, has praised DeSantis’ strategy as a “very smart move.” She explains that investing in South Carolina now could pay off in the long run by accumulating enough delegates to secure the nomination at the national convention. Unlike New Hampshire, which only offers 22 delegates, South Carolina has a significantly higher number.

However, despite having time to make an impact in South Carolina, DeSantis still faces an uphill battle. The latest polls suggest that he remains in the single digits, highlighting the challenges he must overcome to achieve his goals.

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