Good Samaritan who crushed a drunk driver after the murder of a police officer from Uless: “He was not going anywhere”

The Good Samaritan who kept a drunk driver from leaving the scene of a fatal accident says he feels nothing but sympathy for the victims.

Police detective Euless died in a plane crash. His wife and children were seriously injured.

The culprit tried to run away, but the witness chased him and did not let him go.

The Good Samaritan says it was instinct and adrenaline that got him going that day, and he says it still affects him to this day.

Justin Gonzalez is a Good Samaritan who pinned down a drunk driver who was trying to escape from the scene of his fatal accident.

“I wanted him to fall. I wanted him to be finished. I wanted the cops to be there to grab him,” he said.

Gonzalez recalls that ill-fated day in 2021.

An eyewitness tape shows Gonzalez taking on already convicted felon Dylan Molina and frustrating him in the process.

“I would like to apologize for my language that I used,” he said. “At that time, I just passed out. I had paternal instincts, paternal instincts. Because in two seconds it would be my car.”

The video shows Molina driving the crashed rental Jeep and people trying to smash the windows of the sedan he crashed into head-on.

*WARNING: The following video contains profanity.*

The impact killed the driver, who was off duty by Euless Police Det. Alex Cervantes. His wife and two surviving sons were trapped inside.

Gonzalez rode right behind Cervantes. He watched the accident in horror, then jumped out and approached Molina, who he said was clearly drunk.

“Something in me told me that he was going to run. Something is wrong with the situation. I felt that something was wrong in the situation, ”he recalled. “I thought he was still walking behind me. But at that moment he turned and began to run. The moment he started running, something clicked again. And I thought, what is this man doing? around and started chasing him.

Molina drank almost eight shots of Red Bull Vodka before the accident, according to police. He eventually pleaded guilty to manslaughter while intoxicated and is serving a 15-year sentence.

Now, more than a year after the accident, Gonzalez is the father of four children, including newborn Ariana. He constantly thinks of the Cervantes family and prays for them.

Moraima Gonzalez is proud of what her husband has done.

“For him to go after someone, you don’t know if he had a knife, a gun or something like that,” she said. “Something might have happened to him. So to me, he’s a hero for that.”

“Now that I have spoken to many people, they have asked, were you not afraid that he had a weapon? Weren’t you afraid that something might happen?” Gonzalez said. “There was nothing to stop me, weapons, anything. I suppressed it. He didn’t move anywhere.”

Gonzalez had not seen the video before it was shown on Wednesday. Until then, he said, he did not remember using foul language at that moment. Again, he says it was the adrenaline that took over.

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