Georgetown Police Alerting Residents of Phone Scam

GEORGETOWN, Texas – In a bid to protect its residents, the Georgetown Police Department (GPD) has issued a warning regarding a recent surge in phone scam activities. Fraudsters are reportedly assuming the identity of either Chief Cory Tchida or GPD personnel, contacting unsuspecting individuals and deceitfully asserting the presence of an arrest warrant, coercing them into paying a fine over the phone.

The GPD has categorically declared this nefarious practice as nothing more than a scam, emphasizing that under no circumstances will they ever solicit money from residents through telephone communication. The department urges community members to exercise vigilance and refrain from engaging in any financial transactions or divulging personal information over the phone.

In an effort to combat these fraudulent activities, the GPD advises anyone who receives such a call to immediately terminate the conversation and promptly contact the GPD’s emergency line at 512-930-3510. It is important to note that individuals should follow this course of action even if the caller ID appears to display the genuine phone number of the department, as scammers have been known to manipulate technology for their deceitful purposes.

As the Georgetown community grapples with this phone scam predicament, the GPD remains steadfast in its commitment to ensuring the safety and security of its residents. In light of this disconcerting development, it is crucial for community members to remain vigilant, exercise caution, and report any suspicious activity to the authorities.

In conclusion, the Georgetown Police Department’s proactive response serves as a reminder to residents that they should remain wary of unsolicited phone calls, especially those involving claims of arrest warrants and requests for immediate payment. By staying informed and taking the necessary precautions, the community can collectively thwart the efforts of scammers and maintain the tranquility of Georgetown, Texas.

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