Garden State Parkway Reopens After Closure Near Bass River State Forest

The New Jersey Forest Fire Service announced that the 5,000-acre Allen Road Wildfire located in Bass River State Forest is now 50% contained. Despite this progress, a number of road closures persist. Garden State Parkway was closed between Exit 63 and Exit 38 going in both directions while Allen Road, Oswego Road, Stage Road from North Maple Avenue, and Rt. 679 were also closed. The Batona Trail in Bass River State Forest was also closed, while the Timberline Campground remained closed with 0 residential structures threatened.

However, the Forest Fire Service confirmed that 25 miles of Garden State Parkway has reopened, although motorists have been instructed to exercise vigilance, as the speed limit in that section of the roadway has been reduced.

The situation update came earlier today with plans underway to continue progress on containing the wildfire. This update was delivered in part through various tweets embedded in the announcement. It should be noted that despite the progress that has been made, there are still areas of concern with the wildfire that is presently being investigated.

The fire started on May 29, and while its cause remains unclear, New Jersey has experienced an unusually dry season which has contributed to the spread of wildfires throughout the state. Several agencies are currently providing support to the New Jersey Forest Fire Service, including the New Jersey State Police, the New Jersey National Guard, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, and several local fire departments.

The forest fire danger for the entire state remains very high, and as such, outdoor burning is strictly prohibited in all parts of the state until the area receives much-needed rainfall.

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