“Fundraising efforts by Austin teacher aim to protect school garden from hogs”

Wild hogs have been causing a headache for the Austin Discovery School Garden, located in a wooded area in Austin, Texas. Thora Gray, the eco-wellness teacher at the campus, reported seeing the wild hogs entering the garden and eating everything in sight. Gray and her student growers had spent a year cultivating the garden’s vegetables, but the hogs had destroyed all their work. Gray, who sees the hog problem as a teaching opportunity, has created a GoFundMe page to raise funds for building a fence around the garden to keep the wild hogs out.

Gray recounted the thrill of gardening, particularly watching children harvest their delicious vegetable treasures. However, the wild hogs have been wreaking havoc on their hard work. For years, the Austin Discovery School has been dealing with the wild hog problem, and Gray is hopeful that building a fence to keep the hogs out may be the solution the garden needs.

Gray sees the wild hog issue as a broader problem, plaguing many farmers and ranchers across America, costing them millions of dollars annually in damages. While the hogs have left her and her students devastated, Gray hopes that by building the fence, they can coexist with the wild hogs. The campus, situated in a wooded area, makes it an attractive spot for the hogs and other creatures.

Austin residents are no strangers to the the wild hogs that can cause significant damage, but with Gray’s proactive efforts to raise funds and mitigate the issue, many are hopeful for the future of the Austin Discovery School Garden. As Gray noted, building the fence represents a long-term solution to the issue and will allow children and students to continue to experience the joys of gardening.

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