FPL enhances House of Savings with interactive augmented reality tool

Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) has recently unveiled an upgraded version of its interactive augmented reality tool, the House of Savings. This cutting-edge technology allows participants to navigate through a 3D virtual home using their mobile devices, all while gaining valuable insights on energy consumption habits. By answering a series of energy-related questions, users can identify which household appliances have the most significant impact on their monthly bill.

The House of Savings experience becomes even more rewarding when participants answer all 10 questions correctly. Through this accomplishment, customers can unlock the knowledge necessary to save over $30 on their energy bills each month. Not only does this empower consumers to make cost-effective decisions, but it also promotes sustainable energy usage within households.

Moreover, FPL has graciously committed to making a positive impact on society through their program, Care To Share. For every customer who completes the House of Savings mobile experience, the company will donate $2 on their behalf, with a cap of $100,000. This initiative aims to provide emergency bill payment assistance to eligible customers who find themselves in financial crisis. By leveraging the House of Savings tool, FPL not only fosters energy consciousness but also contributes to the overall well-being of the community.

Beyond the mobile interface, customers can also immerse themselves in the FPL House of Savings using compatible virtual reality devices. Whether opting for the Meta QUEST device or any webXR-supported VR device, users can easily access this enriched experience. By visiting vr.houseofsavingsfl.com, which offers a seamless 360-degree encounter, customers can engage with the virtual environment and explore various energy-saving scenarios.

“As temperatures surge to unprecedented levels, it is crucial for our customers to be well-informed about potential energy-saving strategies that ensure their safety and comfort,” commented an FPL spokesman. With this innovative tool, customers can swiftly obtain practical tips that can be immediately applied within their own homes. With FPL’s commitment to providing the House of Savings platform, individuals can genuinely optimize their energy consumption patterns and effectively navigate the challenges of the modern climate.

In a world where sustainability and efficiency are of paramount importance, FPL’s House of Savings emerges as a remarkable tool for customers to enhance their understanding of energy usage. By leveraging both augmented and virtual reality technologies, this innovative platform empowers individuals to make informed decisions, reduce their monthly bills, and contribute to a greener future. FPL’s ongoing dedication to the welfare of its customers is further highlighted through the generous donations made in support of the Care To Share program. As FPL continues to embrace cutting-edge technologies, it sets a commendable example for utility companies around the world.

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