Fort Worth Police reveal new plan to curb violent crime

Fort Worth, Texas – Fort Worth Police are touting a new plan to decrease violent crime after what the department calls an “unfortunate” increase in murder.

Officers recently responded to four murders in four days.

Last year, 112 people lost their lives to violence, that’s a 26 year high.

The department said unfortunately, officers dealt with several shootings where innocent bystanders were caught in the cross-fire.

Fort Worth Pastor Reverend Kyev Tatum told our media partner WFAA TV he’s worried about the summer.

“I see a very bloody hot summer. When there’s heat and there’s despair, there’s violence and that’s what we have,” he said.

Fort Worth Police are well aware of this trend and said their latest plan called “Fort Worth Safe” will help decrease the violence.

Chief Neil Noakes said the operation focuses on murders, robberies, shootings and aggravated assaults. In addition to an enforcement component, it will also have a community outreach plan to address deficiencies in communities that increase the likelihood of violent crime occurring.

The department released an outline of some of the enforcement efforts which include:

  • An intelligence-led approach utilizing all out technology resources and our Real-Time Crime Center to help us be flexible and able to quickly adapt to any given situation.
  • Officers working every day on the initiative while they’re on duty depending on the criminal activity that’s occurring.
  • Continually evaluating crime trends and data each day of the detail.
  • The Gang Unit focusing on known gang members and those with prior gun arrests.
  • Enhancing enforcement on game rooms in the selected crime locations.
  • Criminal Tracking Unit and Fugitive Unit focusing on arresting violent offenders as soon as our investigators obtain arrest warrants in order to get them off the streets quickly.

The community outreach plan includes:

  • A day time rotational list of Neighborhood Police Officers to help with community policing efforts who will speak with business owners and citizens to raise awareness about Fort Worth Safe.
  • End of school year plans to have School Resource Officers work alongside our NPOs in selected areas to enhance our community police efforts and safety around schools.
  • Soliciting community input to address concerns with violent crime and transparency about operations occurring in their community.
  • Utilizing a communications plan to share our efforts with the community through the Public Information Office on the plan’s results.
  • Connect residents with resources that will enhance safety, wellness and resiliency of their community.

The department said it will increase police patrol in an effort to deter and prevent violent crime with a focus on areas experiencing more of it.

Fort Worth Police have set up a portal to get the latest information about the program. contributed to this report.

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