Fort Worth lawmaker says it’s “time” to legalize sports betting in Texas.

A Fort Worth representative has filed a bill to legalize sports betting and expand casino gaming.

Fort Worth, Texas. Fort Worth legislator is trying to legalize sports betting in Texas.

Charlie Guerin, R-Fort Worth, on Friday filed a bill proposing an amendment to the Texas constitution “to promote economic development and job growth” by expanding gambling and allowing sports betting.

Guerin filed the bill on Friday morning. If passed, Texas voters will have the opportunity to vote on the issue this November.

Geren’s will provide voters with a choice of several gaming-related items, including sports betting and distribution of casino games to a limited number of “destination resorts”.

Casino resorts will be limited to two in North Texas, two in the Houston area, one in the San Antonio area, one in Corpus Christi, and one in the McAllen area.

The legislation also provides for the creation of a “Texas Gaming Association” of five members appointed by the governor to create and enforce rules regarding sports betting and casino gaming.

The proposed bill would generate revenue for the state by taxing income from gambling and sports betting.

According to the American Gaming Association, Texas is one of 14 US states that do not legalize sports betting. Thirty-three states, as well as Washington, DC, have legal rates, and three others have passed laws but are not yet in effect.

“Last year’s polls clearly show that more than 85% of Texans want to have a say on this issue, both Republicans and Democrats,” Guerin said in a press release. “It is time for the legislature to listen to the voters and let them decide this issue. I, for one, am not going to deny the voters of Texas their vote when their preferences are so obvious.”

Guerin said Texas is “losing billions to neighboring states” that allow more casino games.

“I believe it’s time to let Texans vote to bring this money and benefits back to Texas,” Guerin said. “I look forward to discussing this and working with my colleagues in the House of Representatives to get this legislation passed in this session.”

It’s unclear how much Guerin supports the issue, although it’s the latest push to legalize sports betting in Texas.

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry recently became a spokesperson for the Sports Betting Alliance, which is a lobbying group for sports franchises, including the Cowboys, Stars, Rangers and Mavericks, and sportsbooks seeking to legalize the betting industry in Texas.

“Texas is built on the basic principle of personal freedom,” Perry said. “And we are proud to be the economic center of the country. The legalization of mobile sports betting in Texas will finally allow the state to protect consumers from illegal offshore betting sites while keeping Texas betting money for the benefit of Texans.”

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