Fort Worth Independent School District’s board appointed a new superintendent

The school board for the Fort Worth Independent School District made a unanimous decision at Tuesday’s meeting to appoint Dr. Angelica Ramsey as the district’s superintendent.

A number of parents used the opportunity to address the board at the meeting.

“You seem to be choosing someone who you want, not someone who represents the people,” one parent said.

 “Doctor Ramsey has a reputation as a change agent… someone who will keep improvement and achievement center stage,” another added.

The new superintendent, Ramsey, delivered a speech to those attending the meeting.

“I believe in distributive leadership. I believe that I serve and I sincerely mean it when I say that I work for children with all the people here,” Ramsey said.

Ramsey has committed to a three-year deal, ending on August 31, 2025, that would pay her a base salary of $335,000 each year.

Ramsey was chosen as the top candidate for the post. She previously held the position of superintendent at the Midland Independent School District.

Ramsey will start in his new position today, September 21. contributed to this report.

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