Fort Pierce Sanctuary Hosts Annual Chimps Holiday

Fort Pierce, Florida – On Saturday, residents of Fort Pierce had the opportunity to join in the festivities at the annual Holiday with the Chimps event, hosted by one of the largest chimpanzee sanctuaries in the world. Spanning an impressive 150 acres, the sanctuary provided the perfect setting for a joyful holiday party, where the chimps delighted in opening presents, gathering around a beautifully adorned Christmas tree, and indulging in their favorite foods. To make the event even more special, the chimps serenaded the guests and volunteers who attended the celebration. In addition, a renowned primatologist was present to enlighten the attendees about the intricate world of chimp communication.

The event, organized by Save the Chimps, is one of several that the organization holds throughout the year, inviting the public to visit the sanctuary and contribute to chimpanzee conservation efforts. By opening its doors to the community, Save the Chimps aims to raise both funds and awareness, ensuring the continued support needed to provide a safe and loving home for over 330 chimpanzees in need.

Save the Chimps, since its establishment, has been at the forefront of rescuing and caring for chimpanzees facing various challenges. The organization’s commitment to their well-being has made it a beacon of hope for these remarkable creatures. To stay updated on upcoming events and learn more about Save the Chimps’ incredible work, visit their official website at

As the Holiday with the Chimps event came to a close, it left a lasting impression on the attendees, who were moved by the chimps’ playful and heartwarming interactions. The sanctuary’s dedication to providing a nurturing environment for these intelligent animals is a testament to the importance of wildlife conservation. By supporting organizations like Save the Chimps, individuals can play a significant role in safeguarding the future of chimpanzees and other endangered species, ensuring that they continue to thrive for generations to come.

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