Fort Lauderdale Airport Terminal 1 Fully Reopens Following Evacuation

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport experienced a temporary evacuation on Sunday as a result of a “security-related law enforcement investigation.” The upper level of Terminal 1 was evacuated just after 11:30 a.m., according to the airport’s announcement on Twitter. Passengers were urged to check with their airlines for updated flight status and to use the lower level of Terminal 1 for drop-offs.

The evacuation, which lasted for about an hour and fifteen minutes, was prompted by a suspicious package, as reported by NBC affiliate WTVJ. The Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies declared it safe and gave the all-clear at approximately 12:45 p.m. The affected areas of the upper level of Terminal 1 and the upper-level entrance to the airport have since reopened, with airport operations returning to normal.

Terminal 1 is home to nine airlines, including major carriers like Southwest and United. The evacuation caused delays for several departing flights. Passengers and airline staff remained cooperative throughout the incident, following the necessary protocols to ensure everyone’s safety.

As security concerns continue to be a top priority, incidents like this emphasize the importance of maintaining vigilance and adhering to safety measures. Law enforcement agencies and airport authorities work diligently to ensure the security and well-being of all passengers and staff.

Travelers are reminded to follow any instructions provided by airport personnel and to report any suspicious activity to the appropriate authorities. By maintaining a cooperative and alert approach, everyone can contribute to a safe and smooth airport experience.

As investigations into the incident continue, additional details may emerge. Passengers are advised to stay updated through official communication channels, such as the airport’s website and social media platforms. This incident serves as a reminder for travelers to stay aware and informed, while authorities strive to maintain a secure environment for all.

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