Footage captures wild shootout between two groups in the Bronx

Newly released footage shows a wild shootout in the Bronx last week between two groups of still-at-large suspects.

Two men were first targeted in the shooting after exiting their dark blue Jeep around 5 p.m. Friday behind 1420 Bronx River Avenue, police said.

Footage of the mayhem provided by the NYPD shows part of the Jeep’s rear windshield shattering in the hail of bullets as the man on the driver’s side ducks for cover.

Still of the footage capturing the shooting
One of the suspects hides behind the Jeep after shots ring out.
Still of the footage capturing the shooting
The suspect returns fire before re-entering the vehicle.

The other man on the passenger side quickly shuts the door, according to the video.

The duo then start to return fire with their guns at the group before they get back in the car and start the engine, footage shows.

There were no reported injuries in the shooting, cops said.

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