Floridians’ Minimum Wage Rises: Check the Increase

ORLANDO, Fla. – In a significant development for Florida workers, the minimum wage for non-tipped employees in the state will increase from $11 to $12 per hour, starting this Saturday. This raise is part of an ongoing six-year plan aimed at gradually raising the minimum wage to $15 by the year 2026. Tipped workers will also see an increase in their minimum wage, from $7.98 to $8.98.

The increase in minimum wage is a result of Amendment 2, which was approved in 2020 with an overwhelming majority of 61% of the vote. This amendment outlines a schedule for further pay increases, as follows:

– $13 on September 30, 2024.
– $14 on September 30, 2025.
– $15 on September 30, 2026.

Orlando trial attorney John Morgan played a significant role in getting Amendment 2 on the ballot, investing $6 million of his own money in a petition drive. Speaking about the impact of the wage increase, Morgan emphasized its life-changing nature for individuals who have experienced lower wages. He shared his motivation for supporting the cause, stating, “We can’t understand it if you’ve never felt it, but to move from $8.56 to $15, or from $10 to $15, for that person it’s a life-changing event, and so I had to do that.”

Morgan also shared an anecdote about a negative reaction to the wage increase from one of his business partners, who expressed concern about being treated poorly in restaurants due to his association with Morgan. In response, Morgan encouraged him to stand up for his principles and not worry about others’ opinions.

According to the terms of Amendment 2, starting from September 30, 2027, and every year thereafter, the state will calculate additional minimum wage increases based on the rate of inflation observed in the previous 12 months, using the Consumer Price Index. These changes will be implemented every January 1.

The increase in minimum wage has received mixed responses, with supporters highlighting the positive impact on workers’ lives and opponents expressing concerns about potential negative effects on businesses. Despite the differing opinions, this change marks a significant milestone in the ongoing effort to provide better wages for Florida workers.

In conclusion, the increase in Florida’s minimum wage is set to benefit non-tipped employees as well as tipped workers. This change is part of a six-year plan to gradually raise the minimum wage to $15 by 2026. Amendment 2, approved by a majority of voters in 2020, outlines the scheduled increases, with further adjustments based on inflation in subsequent years. While opinions on the wage increase vary, it represents a significant step towards improving the financial well-being of Florida workers.

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