Florida woman to embark on statewide horseback ride in tribute to veterans

A Florida woman is gearing up for an extraordinary expedition across the Sunshine State, as reported by WPLG, a News 6 partner. Marie Lim, the owner of Davie’s Happi Farm, is preparing herself and her trusty Tennessee walking horse, Velvet, to embark on a momentous journey in February. Lim’s adventure serves a noble purpose: to raise awareness and support for U.S. military veterans in need through her program, Heroes on Stallions.

Lim, in an interview with Local 10 News, expressed her determination to traverse various parts of Florida, commencing her expedition on February 5th from her farm in Davie. Her path will take her northwards, passing through Palm Beach County, Port Saint Lucie, and Melbourne, before culminating in Daytona Beach later in the month.

The Heroes on Stallions initiative aims to shed light on the plight of military veterans and garner widespread recognition for their sacrifices and challenges. Lim’s ride, undertaken on her loyal 15-year-old companion, Velvet, symbolizes the strength and resilience exhibited by both horses and veterans alike.

For those interested in supporting Lim’s journey and contributing to the cause, additional information about Happi Farm and how to get involved can be found by clicking here. Furthermore, viewers can gain more insight into Lim’s Heroes on Stallions fundraiser ride by clicking here.

In her quest to make a meaningful difference, Lim epitomizes the spirit of compassion and determination, exemplifying the profound impact individuals can have when they wholeheartedly commit themselves to a cause. By undertaking this monumental ride, she seeks to honor the sacrifices made by veterans while raising awareness of their ongoing needs.

As the expedition unfolds, Lim’s journey will undoubtedly captivate the attention of onlookers, who will bear witness to a remarkable feat of endurance and resilience. The profound significance of Lim’s mission resonates deeply, as it not only highlights the struggles faced by veterans but also emphasizes the importance of collective support and recognition for their invaluable contributions.

In conclusion, Marie Lim’s upcoming equestrian odyssey across Florida stands as a testament to her unwavering dedication to the cause of supporting military veterans. Through her Heroes on Stallions program, Lim endeavors to raise awareness and provide assistance to those who have selflessly served their country. As the journey commences in February, the entire state eagerly awaits this extraordinary display of compassion and determination.

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