Florida Teen Makes Miraculous Recovery, Regains Ability to Walk, Talk, and Eat After Devastating Hit-and-Run Accident

Orange County, Florida – A local teenager who was gravely injured in a hit-and-run accident while skateboarding along Winter Garden Vineland Road almost a year ago, along with his father, is now shedding light on their remarkable journey. The road to recovery for 15-year-old Jason Lam has been arduous, but nothing short of a miracle.

At the time of the crash, Lam was a mere 14 years old and had to be airlifted to receive the urgent medical attention he desperately needed. Approximately a month later, a 17-year-old turned himself in to the authorities, taking responsibility for the hit-and-run incident.

David Lam, Jason’s father, revealed that the medical prognosis initially provided little hope for his son’s survival, estimating his chances at a mere 5-to-10 percent. However, against all odds, Jason has defied expectations and made a remarkable recovery.

“You see a miracle,” expressed David Lam. “A lot of people pray for him and support him and walk to this point. I thought I lost him already. Every day I look at him and support him, whatever I could.”

Over the course of the past ten months, Jason’s recovery journey included numerous surgeries and extensive rehabilitation sessions with a dedicated team of physical, occupational, and speech therapists at Orlando Health’s Advanced Rehabilitation Institute.

In a heartwarming gesture of gratitude, Jason and his father decided to surprise his therapists at the facility with an assortment of cookies and other treats on Thursday. Returning to the institute brought back poignant memories for Jason, from the first steps he took to the joy of savoring his initial meal, a humble bowl of ramen.

“There was that one time where I started walking by myself again without the walker,” Jason Lam reminisced. “And I was surprised. My dad was surprised. My sister was surprised. My entire family was surprised.”

One of Jason’s occupational therapists, Kristen Bowen, shared the profound impact that patients like Jason have on their motivation to persevere. “We’re just so grateful for Jason and his family because they are the ones who keep us going,” Bowen emphasized. “You know how challenging it can be to work in healthcare. But having stories like this and families who return to show us how well they’re doing truly warms all of our hearts and keeps us moving forward.”

Although Jason has completed his inpatient care, a special bond remains between the Lam family and the team of professionals who played a pivotal role in his recovery journey. “When we were down, they were there for me,” acknowledged David Lam. “Even though they are not my family, we became a family.”

While Jason’s road to recovery is ongoing, he has transitioned to outpatient treatment and is scheduled for another surgery in the upcoming year. The resilience and strength displayed by this young teenager serve as an inspiration to all, reminding us of the power of determination and the unwavering support of loved ones.

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