Florida School Board Member Refuses Resignation Amidst 3-Way Sex Scandal

SARASOTA, Fla. – In the midst of a scandal involving a three-way sex scandal with her husband and another woman, Bridget Ziegler, a conservative school board member, remains steadfast in her position on Sarasota’s school board. Despite facing criticism, ridicule, and calls for her resignation, Ziegler shows no signs of stepping down from her role. The public’s focus has once again shifted to Ziegler and her future on the school board, leading to heated debates and contentious public comments.

Citizens expressing their dissatisfaction with Ziegler’s involvement have referred to it as a distraction, while others have described the school board meetings as circus-like. Ziegler, known as one of the founders of Moms for Liberty, a group advocating for the elimination of LGBTQ+ rhetoric in public schools and promoting traditional Christian family values, has been under intense scrutiny due to allegations of hypocrisy. These allegations arose after rape accusations were made against her husband, shedding light on the couple’s unconventional personal lives.

Court records reveal that Bridget Ziegler admitted to police that she and her husband engaged in a consensual three-way sexual encounter with a woman who is now accusing him of rape. This encounter took place during a separate planned hookup, from which Bridget backed out. Christian Ziegler vehemently denies the rape allegation, asserting that the encounter was consensual.

During a recent board meeting, Bridget Ziegler, mostly composed, listened to nearly three hours of public comments, with only a few expressing their support for her. The majority of the comments called for her resignation. Investigative reporter Katie LaGrone, acknowledging the unfairness of the situation, confronted Board Chairwoman Karen Rose, emphasizing the disruptive effect of Ziegler’s ongoing presence on the board. Rose, however, asserted that she does not have control over the decisions made by board members or the governor, who is the only person with the power to remove Ziegler.

Last month, Rose led the effort to pass a resolution demanding Ziegler’s resignation. However, the resolution was merely symbolic and lacked the authority to enforce her removal. The governor, who has endorsed Ziegler for the school board seat and appointed her to serve on the board of the controversial Disney Reedy Creek district, is the only individual with the authority to remove her from her role.

Despite Ziegler’s unwavering position, citizens who attended the recent board meeting remain determined to have their voices heard and to influence the outcome. They firmly believe that Ziegler’s continued presence will only serve as a distraction. Multiple members of the public expressed their commitment to persist until she is gone.

Bridget Ziegler chose not to offer any comment during the public comments section of the meeting and swiftly left, declining to answer any questions from the media. Meanwhile, her husband Christian, who was recently forced out of his job with the GOP, vehemently denies the allegations against him, maintaining that the encounter with the accuser was consensual.

As the controversy surrounding Bridget Ziegler and her involvement in the sex scandal continues to unfold, the public remains invested in the outcome. The persistence of citizens and the ongoing scrutiny of Ziegler’s actions and hypocrisy highlight the need for resolution and accountability in this increasingly complex situation.

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