Florida residents seek lower cost of living, improved quality of life by relocating

Florida Residents Seek Affordable Options as Housing and Insurance Costs Surge

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — As the cost of living in Florida continues to rise, many residents are opting to leave the Sunshine State in search of more affordable options and a better quality of life. These individuals are setting their sights on states like South Carolina, Georgia, Texas, and North Carolina, where they hope to find lower housing and insurance costs.

One such resident, Sascha Bennemann, recently made the decision to relocate his family from Florida to South Carolina. Bennemann cited the influx of people from other states as a contributing factor to his departure, noting that the vibe in Florida had changed. “I just wanted something different for our family,” he explained.

According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the top states from which people are moving into Florida include New York, California, and New Jersey. However, there is a growing number of Floridians bidding farewell to the state and heading to neighboring states like Georgia, Texas, and North Carolina.

Bennemann and his family settled in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, near Charleston. He expressed satisfaction with their decision, highlighting the increased square footage they were able to obtain in their new home. The trend of leaving Florida is not limited to retirees or empty-nesters; even young families are seeking better financial opportunities and desirable schools in other states.

One such family is Samantha Mahnke and her husband, who moved to Georgia in search of improved finances and educational opportunities for their children. Mahnke, a bartender, and her husband, a special effects designer, were compelled to sell their house in Florida and relocate. The cost of living in their area was particularly challenging for families with incomes of $200,000 or less, according to South Florida real estate agent Holly Meyer Lucas.

Real estate agents in the southern states where these Floridians are moving have noted the increase in their clientele. Christi Hill, a real estate agent in Jacksonville, North Carolina, acknowledged that more Floridians are now considering the move. Similarly, Dan Hamilton, a real estate agent in Greenville, South Carolina, described his state as a hotspot for Floridians, with quality of life being a major draw.

Real estate agents near the Georgia-South Carolina line are hearing similar sentiments from those relocating to their states. The affordability of homes in these areas, compared to Florida, is often a significant factor in their decision-making process.

However, not all Florida residents find greener pastures once they leave the state. Leanne McClaren, who moved to South Carolina but eventually returned to Florida, advised others to carefully consider their decision. McClaren realized that buying a house in Florida at this point would cost her twice as much as it did before.

As the dust settles and families continue to search for more affordable living options, the exodus from Florida persists. The allure of a lower cost of living, better financial prospects, and improved quality of life is prompting many residents to make the difficult decision to uproot their lives and seek new opportunities elsewhere.

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