Florida Reigns as Premier Destination for Taylor Swift Fans

A recent study conducted by Betway has revealed that Taylor Swift’s influence in Florida surpasses that of any other state in the United States. The study indicates that there have been over 5.5 million searches for the renowned pop star in Florida alone, a staggering figure that surpasses the second-ranked state, Ohio, by a margin of 2 million searches.

Remarkably, when taking into account the population size, Florida boasts an astounding 80,000 searches per 10,000 people, solidifying its position as the ultimate hub for Taylor Swift fans, as stated by the study. This data highlights the immense popularity and impact of the singer-songwriter in the Sunshine State.

The comprehensive ranking of states based on yearly searches about Taylor Swift is as follows:

1. Florida: 5,502,720 searches, 81,910 searches per 10,000 people
2. Ohio: 3,021,240 searches, 38,771 searches per 10,000 people
3. Virginia: 2,028,240 searches, 31,345 searches per 10,000 people
4. New York: 5,495,520 searches, 26,004 searches per 10,000 people
5. Illinois: 3,685,200 searches, 19,005 searches per 10,000 people

The rankings continue with Tennessee, New Jersey, Texas, Maryland, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Missouri, Nebraska, Massachusetts, Nevada, Kentucky, California, Michigan, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Connecticut, Arizona, Idaho, Kansas, Delaware, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, Minnesota, Alaska, North Carolina, Georgia, Indiana, New Hampshire, Iowa, Oklahoma, Maine, Mississippi, Vermont, New Mexico, West Virginia, Utah, South Dakota, Hawaii, Montana, Rhode Island, Wyoming, and North Dakota.

It is evident from this study that Taylor Swift has captivated fans across the nation, with Florida leading the pack in terms of search interest. The findings shed light on the artist’s massive popularity and the impact she has on her dedicated fanbase.

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