Florida Ranks Among Unhealthiest States in the US

A recent ranking by Forbes Advisor has unveiled the states with the least healthy populations. In their analysis, researchers delved into substance abuse rates, lifestyle habits, and disease risk factors across all 50 states. Topping the list was West Virginia, closely followed by Mississippi and Tennessee. On the other hand, Florida performed relatively well, securing the 39th spot. This placement indicates that the Sunshine State is comparatively healthier than the majority of states.

Florida’s lowest score was in the category of substance abuse, which encompasses the rate of deaths caused by alcohol and drug overdoses. Recent years have seen an increase in reports of drug-related deaths in Central Florida, largely attributed to a “porous border” and drug-smuggling cartels attempting to infiltrate the state. Volusia Sheriff Mike Chitwood, in an interview with News 6 in 2022, highlighted the prevalence of fentanyl-laced substances, such as counterfeit Adderall and MDA, which pose a grave danger to college and high school students.

Conversely, the state’s highest score was in disease risk factors, including the rate of deaths caused by cancer and diabetes. This suggests that Florida has made significant strides in managing and addressing these health challenges.

For a comprehensive overview, here is the complete ranking:

1. West Virginia
2. Mississippi
3. Tennessee
4. Arkansas
5. Kentucky
6. Alabama
7. Louisiana
8. Oklahoma
9. Ohio
10. Indiana
11. South Carolina
12. Nevada
13. Missouri
14. Michigan
15. Georgia
16. Kansas
17. North Carolina
18. New Mexico
19. Delaware
20. Maine
21. South Dakota
22. Alaska
23. Arizona
24. Texas
25. Virginia
26. Pennsylvania
27. Oregon
28. Iowa
29. Maryland
30. North Dakota
31. Nebraska
32. Wisconsin
33. Montana
34. Illinois
35. Wyoming
36. Vermont
37. Rhode Island
38. California
39. Florida
40. Idaho
41. New York
42. Washington
43. New Hampshire
44. New Jersey
45. Colorado
46. Massachusetts
47. Minnesota
48. Connecticut
49. Utah
50. Hawaii

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