Florida Man Allegedly Shoots 4-Year-Old at Family Christmas Gathering

A Florida man has been apprehended by the Collier County Sheriff’s Office after a 4-year-old child was shot on Christmas night. The incident occurred in Naples, where deputies promptly responded to a call regarding the injured child. According to the deputies’ affidavit, the child sustained a gunshot wound in his leg, specifically “just above the ankle but below the calf.”

Upon further investigation, detectives learned that the shooting took place during a “Christmas get-together” at the home of the resident. The resident’s cousin, identified as 31-year-old Diego Diaz-Martinez, had expressed a desire to possess a firearm and had asked to see one. Obliging his cousin’s request, the resident retrieved his firearm from a gun safe in the bedroom and showed it to Diaz-Martinez, who happened to be holding his own daughter at the time.

Tragically, as Diaz-Martinez was examining the firearm, it accidentally discharged, causing a bullet to penetrate the wall. The sound of the gunshot was immediately followed by the cries of the injured child, who was in the living room. The affidavit reveals that during the deputies’ attempt to gather more information about the incident, several family members present either claimed ignorance about what had occurred or were unwilling to provide details.

The child’s mother later reported that her son’s tibia had been fractured as a result of the shooting. Consequently, Diaz-Martinez now faces multiple charges, including shooting into a dwelling, child neglect with great bodily harm, child neglect without great bodily harm, and using a firearm while under the influence of alcohol.

This distressing incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers associated with firearms, particularly when mishandled or used irresponsibly. The Collier County Sheriff’s Office, alongside other law enforcement agencies, continues to emphasize the importance of gun safety education and responsible ownership. By promoting such measures, they aim to prevent similar incidents and protect the welfare of the community.

As this case unfolds, local authorities are urging residents to exercise caution and responsibility when handling firearms, particularly in the presence of children. The repercussions of a split-second error can have devastating consequences, as evidenced by the unfortunate harm inflicted upon the innocent child in this instance. It is crucial for individuals to prioritize safety and ensure that firearms are stored securely and handled with the utmost care.

The investigation into this incident remains ongoing, and authorities are encouraging anyone with additional information to come forward. Updates regarding the case will be provided as new details emerge.

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