Florida lawmakers propose renaming A1A as ‘Jimmy Buffett Memorial Highway’

Florida State Representative Chuck Clemons, R-Newberry, has introduced House Bill 91 in an effort to pay tribute to the late Jimmy Buffett by giving an honorary designation of State Road A1A after the iconic singer. State Road A1A is a coastal highway that stretches from Key West to the Georgia border. If the bill is passed, certain sections of the highway in specific counties, including Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie, and Indian River, would be renamed the “Jimmy Buffett Memorial Highway.”

The proposal to rename parts of State Road A1A comes as a way to honor Jimmy Buffett’s significant contributions to the music industry and his connection to Florida. In 1974, Buffett released an album titled “A1A,” which featured one of his most famous songs, “A Pirate Looks at Forty.” The beloved singer, known for hits like “Margaritaville,” sadly passed away last month at the age of 76 from a rare form of skin cancer.

The potential renaming of State Road A1A is expected to be a topic of discussion during the 2024 Florida legislative session, which is set to begin in January. If the bill is successfully passed, the designation of the “Jimmy Buffett Memorial Highway” would take effect by August 30, 2024.

To get a better understanding of the proposed bill, interested individuals can read the full text below, which provides comprehensive details about the honorary designation of State Road A1A:

[Embed Scribd document showing the full bill text]

This initiative has gained attention and support from fans of Jimmy Buffett, who are eager to see his legacy honored in such a significant way. The renaming of parts of State Road A1A as the “Jimmy Buffett Memorial Highway” would serve as a lasting tribute to the singer’s impact on both the music industry and the state of Florida.

As discussions surrounding the bill continue, it remains to be seen whether it will receive the necessary approval to move forward. However, the introduction of House Bill 91 has sparked a sense of excitement among fans and residents alike, as they eagerly await the outcome of this proposed tribute to the late Jimmy Buffett.

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