Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ SUV Captured in Video Following Tennessee Collision

Newly Released Video Shows Aftermath of Chain-Reaction Crash Involving Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. – A recently obtained video recorded by the Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) provides a glimpse into the immediate aftermath of a chain-reaction crash involving Florida Governor Ron DeSantis earlier this summer. The incident occurred on July 25 while DeSantis was en route to a presidential campaign event in Chattanooga. The video, obtained through a public record request by News 6 and WDEF-TV, was captured by a THP trooper’s body-worn camera as he led the governor’s motorcade in a marked THP vehicle.

According to the footage, the crash transpired when an SUV in DeSantis’ motorcade rear-ended the SUV he was traveling in, as interstate traffic abruptly slowed. The incident was triggered by a separate crash ahead of the motorcade, reportedly caused by a dog running onto the interstate. The video showcases the trooper quickly stopping his patrol vehicle as a result of the preceding collision.

The trooper’s camera captured the rear of DeSantis’ SUV, which sustained minor damage to its bumper and tailgate. Three other motorcade SUVs following the governor were severely damaged and had to be towed away from the scene. Despite the collision, DeSantis emerged unscathed, while a campaign staff member sitting in the back seat next to him complained of minor injuries.

The trooper promptly informed the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) agents driving the motorcade SUVs about the situation, presumably referring to the need for emergency first responders. The video also reveals that DeSantis’ presidential campaign event was held at a private residence on the other side of Chattanooga.

Approximately four minutes after the crash, the SUV carrying DeSantis and the injured staffer left the scene. The trooper informed an unidentified person over his radio that DeSantis would be driving off, emphasizing the need for his departure. Several FDLE agents remained at the crash site to provide information to traffic crash investigators.

The Chattanooga Police Department, responsible for investigating the four-vehicle crash, did not assign blame. A spokesperson for the department confirmed that no citations were issued, and there were no outstanding concerns requiring further investigation. However, the Tennessee Highway Patrol and FDLE officials have yet to address questions regarding the crash and the recently released video.

The cost of the damaged SUVs, which were rented from Avis according to records, remains undisclosed by FDLE officials. Governor DeSantis signed a law earlier this year to shield his travel records from public view, citing security reasons. Federal campaign finance records indicate that the DeSantis presidential campaign made payments to Avis in July and August. It is unclear whether these payments covered the vehicles involved in the Chattanooga crash, as a campaign spokesperson declined to respond to inquiries on the matter.

As investigations continue, the newly released video provides crucial insight into the events surrounding the chain-reaction crash involving Governor Ron DeSantis. The footage, obtained through a public record request, sheds light on the moments following the collision that occurred on the way to a presidential campaign event in Chattanooga. The Tennessee Highway Patrol and FDLE officials are expected to provide further information in the coming days.

Note: This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute official news.

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