Florida Governor DeSantis Takes Action to Aid Stranded Residents in Israel

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has taken decisive action to assist American citizens stranded in Israel following the recent devastating attack by the Hamas terrorist group. With over 1,200 lives lost and numerous abductions, Israel retaliated with airstrikes. Sadly, more than 20 American citizens, including Florida residents, lost their lives in this attack. Recognizing the urgent need to rescue and evacuate those stranded in Israel, Governor DeSantis signed an executive order to ensure the safety of Floridians.

State officials estimate that there are more than 20,000 American citizens currently in Israel who wish to return to the United States but lack the means to do so. In response to this dire situation, Governor DeSantis signed the order, empowering the State of Florida to undertake logistical, rescue, and evacuation operations for its residents. The governor’s office stated that this measure aims to provide assistance and support to Floridians during this challenging time.

Governor DeSantis expressed his commitment to the rescue efforts through a tweet, assuring those stuck in Israel that help is on the way. He emphasized that Floridians will not be left behind and that his executive order authorizes rescue operations as well as the transportation of essential supplies to support our allies.

The executive order emphasizes the lack of action at the federal level to aid stranded Americans in Israel, necessitating Florida’s intervention. It criticizes the Biden Administration for failing to initiate any form of rescue or evacuation operations and withholding requested information regarding such plans. Consequently, Governor DeSantis declared a state of emergency in Florida, granting the state’s Division of Emergency Management the authority to arrange charter flights from Israel.

The Division of Emergency Management promptly announced that these flights will be provided free of charge to ensure the safe return of Floridians from Israel. By granting this power, Governor DeSantis aims to alleviate the distress and uncertainty faced by stranded Floridians, while also demonstrating his unwavering support for Israel.

Notably, Governor DeSantis has consistently voiced his backing for Israel, calling for sanctions against Iran for its role in aiding Hamas. He asserted that state and local governments will be prohibited from contracting with any company included in the expanded sectors list until Iran ceases its support for international terrorism and its pursuit of weapons of mass destruction. These statements were made during a visit to a South Florida synagogue, underscoring the governor’s strong stance on the matter.

Florida residents who are seeking evacuation from Israel are encouraged to request assistance by following the provided link. The executive order will remain in effect for 60 days, unless extended. In the face of this crisis, Governor DeSantis has demonstrated leadership and resolve, prioritizing the safety and well-being of Floridians caught in the aftermath of the attack.

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