Florida Governor DeSantis’ Motorcade Crash Captured in Shocking Videos

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. – A canine that ventured onto a Tennessee interstate is believed to have instigated a succession of motor vehicle collisions resulting in damage to four SUVs employed to transport Governor Ron DeSantis to a presidential campaign event last week, as per video evidence disclosed to News 6 by the Chattanooga Police Department through a public records request.

While surveying the desolate SUVs in DeSantis’s motorcade, a Chattanooga police officer can be overheard saying, “If this ain’t a full-blown catastrophe.” The video, obtained exclusively by News 6, exhibits three of the four rented SUVs intended to accompany Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) agents on duty to escort the governor to a secluded campaign gathering held on July 25.

Records indicate that the white GMC Yukon carrying DeSantis at the time of the incident had already absented itself from the crash site prior to the arrival of the first Chattanooga police officer equipped with a body-worn video camera, roughly 24 minutes subsequent to the collision.

The unidentified police officer, speaking on the phone, acknowledged, “(DeSantis) already left the scene. They got him out of here as soon as it happened.” The video footage shows various Tennessee Highway Patrol troopers, including the leading trooper controlling DeSantis’s motorcade using a marked THP patrol vehicle, present when the initial Chattanooga police officers arrived.

Based on the video evidence, a THP trooper requested that a Chattanooga police officer assume responsibility for the crash investigation since an indirectly involved THP vehicle warranted an external agency’s involvement, noting that it “just looks better” this way. Representatives from THP and the Chattanooga Police Department have yet to respond to News 6 regarding inquiries about the agency authorizing DeSantis’s vehicle to vacate the crash scene and whether such a maneuver is typical protocol in cases where the involved motor vehicle remains drivable.

The remaining three SUVs within the governor’s motorcade, which were situated on the interstate following the incident, were extensively damaged to the extent that they necessitated towing, according to records. “What a frigging morning. What a way to start the day,” exclaimed an FDLE agent to police during the unfolding crash investigation, implying that the reverberations of this episode would persist throughout the day.

According to accounts conveyed by authorities at the crash scene, the entanglement began with a dog dashing onto Interstate 75, resulting in two vehicles colliding. The THP patrol vehicle leading DeSantis’s motorcade promptly decelerated to prevent colliding with the stationary cars, as reported. The subsequent actions of the trailing SUV transporting the governor mirrored the leading patrol vehicle.

However, the rearmost SUV within the motorcade failed to halt, per the crash report, precipitating a cascading collision that inflicted damage on all four SUVs. Fortunately, neither the governor nor any of the seven FDLE agents accompanying him sustained injuries. Nevertheless, a campaign staff member seated next to DeSantis bemoaned minor injuries that, after evaluation by a paramedic, did not warrant hospitalization.

“I’m going to be hearing about this all day,” sighed an FDLE agent in conversation with fellow agents captured on police video. Exclusive footage previously acquired by News 6 exemplifies the relatively minor damage sustained by the GMC Yukon’s tailgate and rear bumper, the same vehicle utilized to transport the governor to the presidential campaign event.

Oppositely, the police video showcases the conspicuous extent of impairment endured by the three other SUVs stranded at the crash scene. Statements uttered in the police video confirm that all four vehicles within the governor’s motorcade were rented from Avis, substantiated by two FDLE agents surrendering copies of the Avis rental agreements to a Chattanooga police officer.

One THP trooper informed a Chattanooga police officer that some FDLE agents were subsequently dispatched to a nearby airport after the crash to secure alternative means of transportation. When previously questioned, an FDLE representative abstained from revealing whether taxpayer funds financed the rental of the SUVs for DeSantis’s presidential campaign event.

“In accord with Florida law, FDLE is compelled to provide security for the governor and other dignitaries,” claimed FDLE spokesperson Gretl Plessinger, defending the acquisition of Tennessee motorcade vehicles. Plessinger additionally clarified that the agency is obligated to publish an annual report delineating the fiscal allocation for transportation and protective services. This report must be submitted to the Florida Legislature before August 15.

Requests for information sent to representatives of DeSantis’s presidential campaign remain unanswered, including inquiries concerning the party responsible for covering the expenses incurred from the damaged rental vehicles. Governor DeSantis recently signed legislation that shields his travel records from public scrutiny, posing a challenge in discerning his campaign trail activities and assessing the potential utilization of taxpayer resources to support his candidacy.

In light of these perplexing events, it is apparent that the aftermath of the canine-induced traffic accident continues to generate fervent discussions. The impact of the collision resonates not only within the political sphere but also among the ranks of law enforcement and concerned citizens, all of whom strive to comprehend the intricacies of this incident.

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