Florida governor can now run for president without resigning from office

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has signed a bill into law that brings sweeping changes to the state’s elections rules. This legislation, Senate Bill 7050, includes measures to ensure voter registration groups do not violate election laws and clarifies that the governor can run for another office without resigning from their position. The new law also requires supervisors of elections to send voter information cards to all voters in their county to maintain updated eligibility status.

Supervisors of elections will be required to send out voter information cards to all voters in their county, along with the statement “This card is for information purposes only. This card is proof of registration but is not legal verification of eligibility to vote. It is the responsibility of a voter to keep his or her eligibility status current. A voter may confirm his or her eligibility to vote with the Department of State.” This statement comes after last year’s election saw 20 convicted sex offenders and murderers arrested for voter fraud charges after voting. Many of them believed they were eligible to vote due to receiving Voter ID cards in the mail.

Apart from these measures, the new law places additional rules such as mandating formal-signature matching training for supervisors of elections and county canvassing board members. It requires voter registration groups to provide information about their officers and registration agents and mandates that registration agents be United States citizens. Voter-registration groups must deliver voter registration applications to the division or supervisor of elections in their county within 10 days of completion. Late applications would attract fines of $50 per day per application, up to a maximum of $2,500 in total.

The legislation also provides the Governor with the ability to reschedule elections within ten days, or as soon as possible if the 10-day window doesn’t work, if they were suspended or delayed due to an emergency. DeSantis has already filed his declaration of candidacy for President of the United States and is expected to formally announce this with Elon Musk on Twitter.

The new law also imposes a maximum of $250,000 in fines on voter registration groups who violate election laws. The fines come as a measure against groups who are found to have violated the rules excessively or have intentionally created confusion and mayhem during the election process.

Among these several changes, the State of Florida aims to ensure smooth conduct of elections in the future by imposing severe rules and regulations. The legislation is expected to make a marked impact in elections for years to come.

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