Florida gas prices surge ahead of holiday travel

Gas Prices Soar in Florida Ahead of Holiday Travel

ORLANDO, Fla. – As the holiday season approaches and travel plans are being made, motorists are advised to take a careful look at gas prices. In just a span of four days, the average gas price in Florida spiked by over 20 cents per gallon, reaching $3.07, after being at $2.86 on Sunday. The national average now stands at $3.12 per gallon.

Sunday’s state average marked the lowest daily average price since June 2021. However, the recent increase has brought gas prices back above the $3 mark, erasing the previous drop of 31 cents in just 17 days. The sudden surge in oil prices is being cited as the primary reason for this upward trend.

According to AAA spokesperson Mark Jenkins, oil prices have surged above $70 per barrel due to the targeting of crude oil tanker ships in the Red Sea. This has raised concerns in the oil market about the global supply and demand balance, leading to an increase in prices at the pump.

In light of these developments, AAA has revised its earlier prediction that 6.6 million Floridians would be traveling 50 miles or more from home during the holidays. The record-breaking figure is expected to remain unchanged, reflecting the resilience of travelers in the face of rising gas costs.

To alleviate the burden of high gas prices, motorists are advised to employ various strategies to save on gasoline expenses. These include combining errands to limit driving time, shopping around for the best gas prices in their communities, and paying with cash to avoid extra charges for credit card transactions. Additionally, removing excess weight from vehicles and driving conservatively can improve fuel economy.

AAA also offers resources to assist drivers in managing their fuel costs. Members who enroll in Shell’s Fuel Rewards program can save 30 cents per gallon on their first fill-up and an additional 5 cents per gallon on subsequent visits to the pump. Furthermore, AAA provides a list of certified repair shops to ensure vehicles are properly maintained for optimal fuel efficiency. Motorists can also use the free AAA mobile app to find the lowest gas prices in their area.

As the holiday season approaches, motorists in Florida and across the nation are advised to stay informed about gas prices and take steps to mitigate the impact on their travel expenses. By employing cost-saving measures and utilizing the resources provided by AAA, drivers can navigate the roads with greater ease and financial prudence.

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