Florida Discovers Gas Contamination Issue Amidst Idalia Preparations

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is taking action to address concerns regarding contaminated fuel that could potentially disrupt preparations for the imminent arrival of Hurricane Idalia, which is projected to reach major hurricane status. In an effort to mitigate the situation, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has identified over two dozen gas stations that unknowingly distributed the contaminated fuel.

The affected fuel was supplied by various 7-Eleven gas stations located in cities such as Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and Lakeland. Additionally, other gas stations including BJ’s Wholesale, Handy Foods, and 2K Express 5 have been impacted. To ensure clarity, a comprehensive list of the affected gas stations is available for reference.

Consumers who purchased fuel from any of the impacted stations after 10 a.m. on Saturday are advised that their vehicles or generators may experience malfunctions. As a precautionary measure, the implicated gas stations have been directed to cease fuel sales until the tanks are thoroughly cleaned and filled with uncontaminated gasoline.

Governor DeSantis sought to alleviate concerns by asserting that this incident, reportedly caused by human error, will not significantly disrupt the state’s fuel supply. He reassured the public that Florida currently possesses 200,000 gallons of fuel in reserve, which will be made available as needed following the passage of the storm.

Citgo, the fuel supplier responsible for the contamination, has established channels for affected consumers to file claims. Individuals experiencing issues with their vehicles or generators subsequent to refueling are urged to contact Citgo directly through their website, citgo.com/contact-us, or alternatively reach out to the state of Florida at 1-800-HELP-FLA.

As we brace ourselves for the impending impact of Hurricane Idalia, it is crucial to stay informed and be prepared for any potential disruptions. Stay up to date with the latest developments by visiting Scrippsnews.com for trending stories and essential information to navigate these challenging times.

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