Florida Deputies Sustain Severe Injuries in Ambush Attack, Confirms Sheriff’s Office

Two Hillsborough County deputies have sustained serious injuries and are currently hospitalized after an ambush, as reported by the sheriff’s office. Surveillance video and body-camera footage of the attack, which took place on Thursday, have been released by the sheriff’s office. The footage vividly depicts a car deliberately ramming into the two deputies, identified as Cpl. Carlos Brito, 39, and Deputy Manuel Santos, 31, along with their cruiser. It is important to note that the video contains highly graphic content, and viewer discretion is strongly advised.

A news release from the sheriff’s office states that the injured deputies are undergoing surgery to address their injuries. The ambush occurred following a distress call received by the deputies at approximately 7:44 a.m. The call was made by a woman who expressed concern over her adult son, Ralph Bouzy, 28, exhibiting irrational behavior at her residence near Brandon. Bouzy was reported to have been forcefully breaking doors and behaving violently, instilling fear in his mother.

Upon arrival at the scene, deputies discovered Bouzy seated in the driver’s seat of a running vehicle. Authorities attempted to engage in dialogue with the man, but he chose not to communicate and swiftly drove away. It is worth noting that the deputies did not pursue Bouzy as he left, as he was not detained at the time.

Shortly after Bouzy’s departure, two additional deputies arrived at the location. However, Bouzy returned in his car, accelerating down the road until he ultimately crashed into the two deputies and their cruiser at the end of a cul-de-sac. Sheriff Chad Chronister expressed the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the incident, highlighting that the deputies had no opportunity to evade the oncoming vehicle. The severity of the injuries sustained by Deputy Brito is particularly grave, as there is a possibility of him losing his leg, according to Sheriff Chronister.

Subsequent to the collision, Bouzy is seen in the video footage exiting his car. He was then confronted by the two deputies who arrived later. Body-camera footage displays Bouzy aggressively advancing towards the deputies before being subdued with a Taser and subsequently apprehended. Bouzy now faces three charges of attempted murder on a law enforcement officer and may face additional charges as the investigation progresses.

In conclusion, this incident has left two Hillsborough County deputies seriously injured and hospitalized after an ambush. The release of surveillance and body-camera footage provides a harrowing account of the attack, as a car intentionally rammed into the deputies and their cruiser. The injured deputies are currently undergoing surgery to address their injuries. The assailant, Ralph Bouzy, initially evaded the deputies but later returned, purposefully colliding with them. Sheriff Chronister expressed the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the incident, emphasizing the severity of Deputy Brito’s injuries. Bouzy now faces charges of attempted murder on a law enforcement officer and potentially more charges as the investigation continues.

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