Florida Couple Discovers Unexpected House Guest: An Iguana in Their Toilet

A Florida couple was left dumbfounded upon their return from a blissful vacation when an unexpected surprise awaited them. Last week, this Hollywood duo encountered an astonishing sight – an iguana had somehow found its way into their toilet. The shocking incident left the couple grappling with a surreal predicament, prompting them to question the best course of action. Deliberating on potential solutions, the perplexed woman contemplates, “I mean, I joked about burning the house down, but the reality is, like, how are we getting this out? Neither one of us do lizards.”

Acknowledging the urgency of the situation, the concerned couple sought the assistance of a friend who promptly came to their aid. Armed with a trash bag, the daring friend successfully extracted the unwelcome reptile from its watery retreat. Determined to uphold a spirit of mercy, the liberated iguana was released into the wild, far away from the confines of the couple’s residence.

Although this particular incident may appear extraordinary, experts suggest that the ingress of iguanas into homes is not entirely uncommon. These versatile creatures often infiltrate dwellings through a variety of means, including open doors, windows, rooftop pipes, and even the sewer. Their ability to adapt to diverse environments increases the likelihood of such encounters, causing moments of astonishment for unsuspecting homeowners.

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