Flagler tornado aftermath uncovered by News 6 meteorologist

A severe weather incident unfolded in Palm Coast, Florida, as the National Weather Service (NWS) confirmed the occurrence of an EF-2 tornado with wind speeds reaching an impressive 115 mph. The tornado made landfall near the intersection of Belle Terre Parkway and Pine Lakes Parkway, just moments before 5 a.m.

As a result of this formidable force of nature, approximately 50 homes in the area sustained significant damage, according to Palm Coast fire officials. The aftermath of the tornado left a trail of destruction, with roofs torn off, pool enclosures displaced into pools, and fences ripped apart along Bayside Drive and Baltimore Lane, leaving residents in awe and disbelief.

One resident, Tonya Mitchell, shared her harrowing experience of waking up to a piece of wood from her neighbor’s yard crashing through the roof of her bedroom while she was still sleeping. She described the event as surreal, akin to something one might witness in a movie, emphasizing the sheer improbability of a 4×4 plank penetrating her roof and hovering above her bed. Mitchell’s sentiments echoed the sentiments of many others who found themselves caught in the midst of this extraordinary event.

While some homeowners were fortunate enough to escape with relatively minor damage, they still faced the arduous task of clearing fallen branches and debris from their properties. The aftermath of the tornado left a mess in the streets, necessitating cleanup efforts by both residents and local authorities.

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