Fitzgerald’s Mega Chicken Project Resumes

In an effort to revive a stalled project that had exceeded its budget, the residents of Fitzgerald, Georgia are now witnessing significant updates to what is being hailed as the world’s largest chicken. Initially conceived as a topiary and Airbnb venture, the original plans for the colossal chicken have been abandoned due to financial constraints.

The ambitious project was initially funded through $150,000 from the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST). However, after the allocated funds were depleted and Mayor Jason Holt assumed office, the project came to a standstill, as confirmed by Tony Tucker, the city building inspector.

Tucker explained, “The only way to avoid incurring additional costs was to keep the chicken as it was, but it became an eyesore. Demolishing it would have been a costly endeavor, and enhancing it by adding a skin or other improvements would have proven even more expensive.”

Despite the setback, Tucker, who had been involved in the project for years, continued working on the chicken as a personal endeavor. Following the postponement of the grand chicken unveiling, Tucker was assigned the task of overseeing the original construction.

“By completing the framing and adding some lighting, we aimed to enhance the appearance of the chicken and bring it to life,” Tucker remarked. He further shared that the framing had been painted in November, and a fence was installed to ensure the safety of the rooster and its visiting chicks. Tucker also began the installation of lights, which would illuminate the giant poultry during nighttime.

Regarding the lighting aspect, Tucker elaborated, “We are currently in the process of finishing the lighting. At the moment, only half of the head is illuminated. However, we plan to outline the entire chicken with lights. I have eight different channels at my disposal, which will allow me to illuminate eight distinct sections of the chicken in various colors.”

Tracy Bower, a native of Fitzgerald, expressed his belief that the giant rooster should be perceived as a catalyst for economic growth. Bower emphasized the significance of the chicken in attracting tourists to the area, particularly during the annual Wild Chicken Festival, which draws visitors from across the state and the Southeast region, and even from other parts of the country.

Tucker is determined to bring the massive bird to life, stating, “I just need to complete the metalwork, which will take some time. However, I anticipate its completion within the next few months.”

For the time being, only the rooster’s head will be illuminated every evening from 5:30 p.m. until midnight. Curious spectators can monitor the chicken’s progress by accessing the live chicken camera on YouTube, which is provided by the city of Fitzgerald.

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