Fire erupts in Devine taqueria after gas-leaking truck passes drive-thru

A devastating incident occurred in Devine, Texas, as a beloved taqueria was forced to shut down due to a truck catching fire in the drive-thru. This unfortunate event resulted in significant damage to the business, leaving the employees without a means of income during the Christmas season.

Perla Angel, the owner of the taqueria, shared her harrowing experience, stating, “I inhaled a lot of the smoke and tried running inside to tell the customers to leave the building.” The fire, caused by a gas leak in the truck, rapidly spread to the restaurant while customers were present.

The aftermath of the fire left the dining area, register area, ceiling, and walls completely burned down. Angel expressed her devastation over the loss, particularly for her loyal customers and employees, whom she considers family. She lamented the fact that she is currently unable to provide economic assistance to her workers during this challenging time.

Upon hearing about the fire, customer Malissa Polen rushed to the scene, determined to help. Polen described the taqueria as a gathering place where the community comes together to socialize and catch up. She emphasized the friendly environment and the sense of home it provided. In an effort to ensure that the affected employees and their families can still have a good Christmas, Polen took the initiative to collect donations from local businesses and started a GoFundMe campaign.

Polen empathetically explained, “It’s the holidays, and when I was here, you know, this mom’s a single mom. This one’s a widower, you know. Like we have kids now, we’ve got bills, mortgages, rent, just in general. No job, no money.” The response from the community has been overwhelming, with many individuals opening their hearts and wallets to support the cause. Polen was moved to tears when a teenager handed her $84 in cash as a contribution.

Despite the challenges, Angel remains determined to rebuild and restart her taqueria. She expressed her gratitude for the love and support shown by everyone, emphasizing the incredible nature of the Devine community. Angel firmly believes that if she were to work anywhere else, it would still be within Devine due to the amazing people who reside there.

For those interested in offering assistance, two official GoFundMe accounts have been set up. One aims to aid the affected employees, while the other is dedicated to supporting the rebuilding process. The community’s unity and generosity will undoubtedly play a crucial role in helping the taqueria and its employees recover from this unfortunate incident.

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