Finn finds forever home on his birthday after year in shelter

A heartwarming tale of hope and happiness has emerged as a KENS 5 family found their missing piece in a lovable pug mix named Finn. This delightful story brings joy to our hearts as we witness one of our Forgotten Friends finally finding a place to call home. Finn, who has spent the majority of his life in a shelter, can now enjoy the love and comfort of a loving family, all on his birthday.

Our exclusive “Forgotten Friends” series sheds light on the stories of dogs and cats that have been patiently waiting in shelters for a chance to be noticed and welcomed into a loving home. Finn, a charming pug mix rescued by the Footbridge Foundation in April of 2023, is celebrating his first birthday with the hope of finding a forever family to share his life with. Despite being brought to the shelter at just two months old due to his owner’s health issues, Finn’s playful and energetic nature has captured the hearts of many.

Described as a total goofball with a penchant for antics and silliness, Finn’s exuberant personality shines through as he interacts with other dogs and cats. However, his high energy levels require supervision during playtime, making him an ideal companion for an active family with children. With a knack for learning and a love for attention, Finn is a delightful addition to any household willing to provide him with the love and care he deserves.

As part of the Footbridge Foundation’s Lonely Hearts Club, Finn’s adoption fee is generously sponsored by donors, making it easier for potential adopters to welcome him into their homes. Additionally, Lucy’s Doggy Daycare & Spa is offering a complimentary “Glow Up” Day at the Spa for Finn’s future family, ensuring that he receives the pampering he deserves. To begin the adoption process for Finn, interested individuals can visit the Footbridge Foundation website and submit an application for review.

In conclusion, Finn’s journey from shelter life to a loving home is a testament to the power of compassion and kindness in transforming the lives of our furry friends. As we celebrate Finn’s birthday and his newfound happiness, let us remember the countless other animals still waiting for their chance to be loved and cherished. If you are interested in adopting a shelter pet or supporting the Footbridge Foundation’s mission, please visit their website or consider making a donation to help save more lives in need.

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