Fence builders work tirelessly before impending strong winds, severe weather risk

Port St. Lucie, Fla. – When the winds pick up in Port St. Lucie, Rob Stone, the owner of Fenced In, knows that his phone will start ringing off the hook. With four crews out on various projects, Stone and his team are prepared to respond quickly to customer calls about broken gates. Their priority is to ensure that customers can safely let their dogs out and continue with their daily routines without any disruptions caused by damaged fences.

Stone explained, “If we get customers who say, ‘my gate just broke,’ we will go after those customers and get them buttoned, that way they can let their dogs out and then go about their regular normal day.”

In anticipation of severe weather that could potentially impact the Treasure Coast, Stone and his crews strategize their plan for the day. Wind gusts exceeding 20-30 mph pose significant challenges for their work. String lines become difficult to keep straight, and working conditions become unsafe. Therefore, they avoid working in such conditions to ensure the safety of their employees and the quality of their work.

Meanwhile, fence builders on job sites also take precautions to protect their workers from the high winds. Jonathan Jenkins, a crew member working on a wood and chain link fence installation in White City, St. Lucie County, emphasized the impact of high winds on their operations. Jenkins and his team offer a special service to customers concerned about extreme winds. They are willing to remove gates from their customers’ houses on stormy days to allow for better wind flow and prevent further damage.

Jenkins stated, “We will come to your house on days like this and take gates off and let wind flow them to prevent further damage.”

Given that the current project will not be completed on Tuesday, Jenkins and his crew made sure that all the materials were properly secured. The safety of their equipment is crucial, and precautions such as tying down items and setting up tarps to protect against the storm are essential.

Jenkins added, “That’s a hazardous thing too. You got to keep things tied down. We’ve got tarps set up on our stuff getting ready for the storm.”

With a focus on customer satisfaction and employee safety, both Rob Stone and Jonathan Jenkins exemplify the dedication and professionalism of their respective businesses in the face of severe weather conditions. Their commitment to providing excellent service while prioritizing safety is commendable and ensures that customers can trust them with their fencing needs even during challenging times.

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