Federal Judge Halts Cutting of Texas Razor Wire at Busy Mexico Border Crossing

Texas has taken legal action against the federal government regarding the destruction of razor wire in Eagle Pass, as reported last week. In response, a federal judge has issued a temporary restraining order, instructing Border Patrol agents not to interfere with the razor wire installation at a busy migrant crossing on the U.S.-Mexico border. The judge ruled that the wire barriers can only be cut in cases of medical emergencies, to provide necessary aid to migrants who may have been injured by the wire while crossing the Rio Grande into Texas. However, the judge also stated that the barriers should remain intact for the time being, pending further developments in the court case surrounding the issue.

The state of Texas filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration, accusing them of destroying the razor wire in Eagle Pass. This particular area experienced a significant influx of migrants in late September, overwhelming federal resources for processing and providing humanitarian aid. Texas Governor Greg Abbott celebrated the court order as a victory, expressing his satisfaction on social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter).

U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokespeople have not yet commented on the matter in response to media inquiries. It should be noted that the order issued by Judge Alia Moses specifically addresses the wire installed in Eagle Pass. However, Texas National Guard members have also installed wire barriers in other high-crossing sections of the border, including Brownsville and El Paso.

The razor wire forms part of Governor Abbott’s extensive border security initiative, known as Operation Lone Star. The mission aims to deter migrants from entering Texas from Mexico and direct those who do cross to official ports of entry. Unfortunately, migrants of all ages, including children, have sustained lacerations and injuries due to contact with the wire.

Eagle Pass has become the focal point of Governor Abbott’s border mission, which has pushed the boundaries of immigration enforcement. In the past two years, Texas has taken various measures, such as placing floating barriers on international waters, demolishing islands without federal authorization, and transporting thousands of migrants to cities governed by Democrats across the United States. Currently, Republicans in the state legislature are working on legislation to grant all Texas police the authority to arrest migrants and order them to leave the country.

Texas argues that the federal government’s actions in cutting the razor wire undermine their efforts to enhance border security. The state’s lawsuit points out that thousands of migrants have entered the country illegally through Eagle Pass. The temporary restraining order will remain in effect until November 13, with a hearing scheduled for next week to further address the matter.

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