Father and daughter killed in tragic hit-and-run; Austin family seeks driver’s identification

An Austin family is in desperate need of assistance as they tirelessly search for the whereabouts of a hit-and-run driver who left a beloved father and daughter injured in June. Gabriela Rodriguez, the grieving mother, reminisces about her daughter, stating that she was always full of boundless joy, exhibiting such infectious happiness that if she were present today, she would undoubtedly try to be at the forefront of every photo. The word “was” is now used by Rodriguez to describe her daughter, a term she never envisioned using.

In a heart-wrenching revelation, Rodriguez expressed her profound sorrow, mentioning that it was her daughter who was meant to attend her own funeral, rather than the other way around. Tragically, the lives of three-year-old Azeneth Gomez and her father, Jonathan Gomez-Guajardo, were abruptly cut short while they were driving near Delta Post Drive and FM 969 on June 23. Rodriguez recollects she was at home, taking care of their preparations for a planned trip to Galveston, while Jonathan was joyfully chauffeuring the girls around town.

According to the Department of Public Safety (DPS), a red Chevrolet pickup recklessly collided with Jonathan and Azeneth’s vehicle, leading to their untimely demise at the accident site. Disturbingly, law enforcement officers discovered a cellphone and alcohol inside the pickup, yet the driver was conspicuously absent from the scene. Overwhelmed with grief, Rodriguez laments the situation before her, observing that the responsible individual is presently living their life unaffected, while she remains tormented, wondering about her own next steps and questioning why fate has unjustly taken away both her husband and daughter.

DPS’s search warrant has identified two potential drivers: Salavador Mata Garcia and Luis Rodolfo Mata Limon. Garcia, listed as the registered owner of the pickup, had already reported his vehicle stolen when troopers approached him. In addition, Garcia’s son, Luis, has not been responding to phone calls or showing up for work since the time of the accident. The documents reveal that Luis also possesses access to the red Chevrolet pickup.

Jonathan’s mother and Azeneth’s grandmother, Rosa Gomez, express her frustration, demanding answers as to why the suspect has not been detained: “Why is he not in jail? Why haven’t they apprehended him? Why is he not facing charges yet? We must find answers, as this malevolent individual could be harming another family tonight.” The grieving family has taken legal action against both men, seeking one million dollars in compensation for the victims’ lives tragically cut short and the everlasting agony their loved ones will endure. However, their true desire lies in seeing the driver responsible for this heinous act behind bars.

Rosa Gomez addresses the suspected driver directly, pleading for him to surrender: “Turn yourself in. We already know who you are. Why are you hiding? We simply seek justice for my son and granddaughter.” Those with any information pertaining to this fatal hit-and-run incident are implored to contact DPS, as the family continues to yearn for closure and justice in their darkest hour.

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