Fatal Shootout Leaves 2 Dead and 2 Palm Bay Officers Injured During Domestic Dispute

PALM BAY, Fla. – In a tragic turn of events, two lives were lost and two Palm Bay officers sustained injuries during a shooting that occurred on Sunday afternoon following a domestic incident, as confirmed by local authorities.

During a news conference, Palm Bay Police Chief Mariano Augello disclosed that officers promptly responded to the 400 block of Forgal Avenue NE after receiving reports of a domestic disturbance. It was at this location that officers encountered the suspect, identified as 24-year-old Brandon Pappas. Unfortunately, an exchange of gunfire ensued, resulting in injuries to two Palm Bay police officers. The authorities have not yet confirmed the exact spelling of the suspect’s name.

According to Augello, both wounded officers were swiftly transported to the hospital for treatment. However, specific details regarding the severity of their injuries were not disclosed. Augello expressed optimism about the officers’ recovery, stating, “They are going to survive. Mr. Pappas, however, is deceased as a direct result of his actions towards our officers.”

Shockingly, another individual lost their life as a result of Pappas’ actions. Although the police chief did not provide further information regarding the second victim or the cause of death, he confirmed that their demise was directly linked to Pappas’ actions.

Following the shooting and subsequent injury to the officers, Pappas attempted to evade law enforcement, leading to a pursuit by the police. “We pursued him to ensure our citizens were safe,” explained Augello, emphasizing the department’s commitment to public safety.

In an effort to keep residents informed and ensure their safety, the Palm Bay Police Department utilized social media to urge individuals to avoid the area of Lexington and Americana in northeast Palm Bay. However, authorities emphasized that there was no immediate threat to the public.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement will undertake a comprehensive investigation into the shooting incident, aiming to shed light on the events that transpired and provide closure to the affected parties.

At present, no additional details have been released regarding the incident. It is important to note that the provided map offers a general depiction of the area in question and may not indicate the exact location.

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