Fast-food restaurant supervisor allegedly sexually assaults teenage employee, according to BCSO.

Supervisor at Fast-Food Restaurant in Bexar County Accused of Assaulting Teenage Employee

BEXAR COUNTY, Texas — In a news conference on Monday, Sheriff Javier Salazar disclosed that a supervisor at a fast-food restaurant in Bexar County had allegedly forced himself onto a teenage employee. The incidents took place in August and September and were brought to the attention of Salazar’s department when the 17-year-old victim made an outcry to her teacher.

According to Salazar, the suspect, identified as Humberto De La Cruz, held a supervisory position over the victim and took advantage of situations where she was in a confined space, such as the restroom. Salazar stated, “He made his way into the restroom, followed her in there, and once they were in close quarters, he forced himself upon her. In some instances, he forcibly removed articles of her clothing, clearly against her will, while in other instances, he removed his own clothing.”

Sheriff Salazar commended the victim for her bravery in coming forward and reporting the incidents. He stated, “This young lady exhibited great courage by informing her educator about what had transpired. She also informed her supervisors, seeking reassurance that appropriate action would be taken.”

Salazar revealed that De La Cruz had been transferred to another location following the incidents, but no report was made to the authorities. “It appears,” Salazar remarked, “that her place of employment failed to respond appropriately to her distressing situation.”

The investigation into the restaurant’s handling of the victim’s report is still ongoing, as stated by the sheriff. Meanwhile, De La Cruz has been charged with indecency with a child by contact and indecent exposure. Sheriff Salazar also disclosed that De La Cruz is a registered sex offender due to a previous incident in 2005 involving a 14-year-old victim.

Sheriff Salazar urged anyone who may have worked with De La Cruz at the restaurant and possesses additional information to contact the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office at 210-335-6000 or email [email protected].


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